"Examines the complexities of relationships, the challenges of communicating feelings, and the difficulties of discovering what one really wants....[Snider] makes some deft observations and asks some important, universally relevant questions.... Her prose remains eloquent and often beautiful throughout." - Kirkus Reviews


In March 2018, I had the great pleasure of giving the keynote address at Women in Parking's Annual Conference in Chicago. One of the members of the very receptive audience was Astrid Ambroziak, the editor of Astrid published a review of Lost Wyoming in the July 2018 edition of Parking Today magazine. Below are some highlights - please click here for the full review.

I heard it said many times that fiction is often more real than the real life. Perhaps it is so when the author has courage to be transparent with her feelings, her emotions, her questions and her opinions. Debra Snider is so honest while she invites us to get to know Maggie Winslow and her family. In the process we get to know ourselves and our own families and see how our own pieces complete a puzzle.

Anne Lamott says: “Expectations are resentments under construction.” And Maggie Winslow lives her life out of expectations. Expectations of herself, of her family, her job and her boyfriend. This “how it is supposed to be” blinds her to how magnificent life is with its saltiness and its sugar. One day life throws her a painful curveball she might not be able to catch. Maggie puts her catcher mitten on and instead of living in the past or the future and what ought to be, she goes into the late innings of this life’s baseball game and becomes fully engaged in it.

It is her fully and lovingly participating in this unfolding that made me fall in love with Maggie Winslow. Because Maggie is forced by life to get out of her own way, her heart emerges. Maggie becomes vulnerable and accountable.

Debra Snider with her beautiful and eloquent prose reminds us to explore our puzzle pieces and to get out of the way be it in our love lives, our familial lives or our work lives. Sometimes in real life, it is hard to formulate thoughts and questions that invite us to the table of the now, until it might be too late. Until, there is no more unfolding. “Lost Wyoming” gives us the language to start now.

It is the journey that matters here. The road and its unfolding. Pick up “Lost Wyoming” with an open heart and you just might be surprised what missing pieces of the puzzle you will find while receiving what you need.


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Great Read! - Posted on Amazon 1/18/17
Really loved the book! Deep and complex characters, beautiful writing, relatable conflict - this had it all. Highly recommend to any lovers of fiction, or anyone thinking through how to truly "grow up" and build a life.

Couldn't Get These Characters Out of My Mind - Posted on Amazon 9/18/16
Lost Wyoming is a gorgeous foray into someone else's life puzzle. On the surface, it's a love story between two young adults, the discontented Maggie and the sometimes-clueless-but ultimately smart, sweet, and adorable-Dave, an exhausted medical-school student. But beneath that, it's a nuanced story about how our experiences and our families shape us-and, ultimately, how we must learn to shape ourselves. And that's where this book really shines: it is a deliciously written peek into how a not-so-perfect (read: real) family navigates the joys and tragedies of life, and how one woman begins to make sense of the foundational relationships in her life. The book is filled with evocative imagery and multi-layered characters; I especially loved getting to know the main character's parents, Hank and Nell. I'd been afraid at the start that Maggie would be tough to like; I was frustrated by her self-pitying ways and seeming inability to take responsibility for her own life and happiness. But she, and her story, quickly won me over, and I greatly enjoyed unraveling the mystery of her simmering discontent. In the end, it was Maggie's flaws that drew me in and made her both real and unforgettable.

Must Read! - Posted on Amazon 9/25/16
It's been a long time since I sat down for hours to read a book but I found it impossible to put down Lost Wyoming and ended up devouring it in two sittings. It is a beautifully written novel with characters that are relatable and thought provoking. Like a previous reviewer, in the beginning I didn't think I would care for Maggie, the protagonist, but I was soon rooting for her and ultimately found her graceful, complex, and appealing. This is a love story, but is also a story about family, relationships, and the difficult choices we all face as we navigate through early adulthood. This is a must read, from the beautiful cover, to the perfect title, and throughout the ups and downs of the multifaceted and relevant characters.

A compelling novel that deftly explores how our past ultimately shapes our future - Posted on Amazon 10/7/16
This is a love story and so much more. It delves into the characters' backgrounds, families and underlying motivations, deftly exploring how our past ultimately shapes our future. Poised at the cusp of adulthood, Maggie and Dave are navigating choices that will affect the course of their lives. The characters are complexly drawn and relatable and the book is well written, evocative and flows seamlessly. It hit my sweet spot - an insightful book with depth and weight that is also a riveting read.