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"Examines the complexities of relationships, the challenges of communicating feelings, and the difficulties of discovering what one really wants....[Snider] makes some deft observations and asks some important, universally relevant questions.... Her prose remains eloquent and often beautiful throughout."  Kirkus Reviews

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Posted on Amazon 4/4/17
Fantastic Read!

Well written, well told story and a payoff at the end. Highly recommend. 

Posted on Amazon 1/20/17
charming tale, with substance and style
Lost Wyoming leads the reader on a soulful intelligent journey, combining a 20-something's search for love and validation with the quest of a young successful modern woman who struggles to find her place in today's workplace. The book probes the difficulty of forming and growing intimate relationships, as it grapples with self-doubt, self-worth, acceptance, what's cool today, what matters? The prose flows smoothly, poetically at times, and the pace is steady. I found midway through that I could not put it down. I finished it at 4:45am!

Posted on Amazon 1/18/17
Great Read!
Really loved the book! Deep and complex characters, beautiful writing, relatable conflict - this had it all. Highly recommend to any lovers of fiction, or anyone thinking through how to truly "grow up" and build a life.

Submitted by Donna B. on 11/8/16:
I loved Lost Wyoming from start to finish! What a great story about relationships and life. Great character building, great story, great writing that made it hard to put the book down! Saw bits of myself in a few of the characters and situations. Especially appreciated the open ending because as we know with most relationships, anything can happen. As a reader it felt right to have possibilities.

Posted on Amazon 10/28/16:
A must-read!!!
I enjoyed this book so much I had to read a few more pages whenever I could get a few spare minutes. I was sorry that it ended, as very early into the story I found myself truly connecting with the characters. Maggie is on the same emotional roller coaster as most 20-somethings are, with a lot of soul-searching and confusion ahead of her. Not only a fabulous love story, but great insight on what holds families together.

Posted on Amazon 10/7/16:
A compelling novel that deftly explores how our past ultimately shapes our future
This is a love story and so much more. It delves into the characters' backgrounds, families and underlying motivations, deftly exploring how our past ultimately shapes our future. Poised at the cusp of adulthood, Maggie and Dave are navigating choices that will affect the course of their lives. The characters are complexly drawn and relatable and the book is well written, evocative and flows seamlessly. It hit my sweet spot - an insightful book with depth and weight that is also a riveting read.

Posted on Amazon 9/18/16:
Couldn't Get These Characters Out of My Mind

Lost Wyoming
is a gorgeous foray into someone else's life puzzle. On the surface, it's a love story between two young adults, the discontented Maggie and the sometimes-clueless -but ultimately smart, sweet, and adorable- Dave, an exhausted medical-school student. But beneath that, it's a nuanced story about how our experiences and our families shape us - and, ultimately, how we must learn to shape ourselves. And that's where this book really shines: it is a deliciously written peek into how a not-so-perfect (read: real) family navigates the joys and tragedies of life, and how one woman begins to make sense of the foundational relationships in her life. The book is filled with evocative imagery and multi-layered characters; I especially loved getting to know the main character's parents, Hank and Nell. I'd been afraid at the start that Maggie would be tough to like; I was frustrated by her self-pitying ways and seeming inability to take responsibility for her own life and happiness. But she, and her story, quickly won me over, and I greatly enjoyed unraveling the mystery of her simmering discontent. In the end, it was Maggie's flaws that drew me in and made her both real and unforgettable.

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"Packaging business knowledge as part of a novel is a special art. Not only is this novel relaxing but it is also higlighting challenges in the corporate world and guidelines on how to deal with these challenges. As working mom and wife as well as CEO of a company I could relate to the characters. If you just want a good story you will not be disappointed, and if you also want to have a learning experience this is a winner!"

--5-star review posted on Amazon 8/9/12

"What a fun book! I seriously felt like Debra Snider must have spent a few days in my cube back when I was living the office life. She gives a thorough look at the unintentional (and intentional) sexism in the business world and balances both sides of the story quite well. I found myself pausing throughout the book to think through some of my own experiences and how they related to what the characters were addressing. Jane and Charlie are likable characters but imperfect as well. I also appreciated the commentary on leadership and how we can all have an impact on the workplace, even if we're not in a stereotypical leadership role. A great read that has just enough "spice" to keep it fun while addressing some rather serious issues facing women and men in the workplace.
--4-star review posted on Amazon 8/23/11

"Debra Snider has impressed the heck out of me with a very smart, sharp and cut-to-the-bone look at how men and women are defined in many arenas, especially in the narrow-minded workplace where preconception is often so very erroneous. Coming of age at a time when women were considered "less than" has made this an instant "go-to" book for me, and I now refer to it often. [...] Thanks, Debra...I have been waiting for this very book!"
--Comment posted 8/11/11 on LinkedIn reading list

"A Merger of Equals" is an amazing book which speaks to professional women on many levels. Debra Snider seems to have understood exactly the insecurities and fears plaguing women, whether in investment or law firms or in corporate America and, through conversations between a fictional mentor and mentee, gave sound and credible advice on issues that we as working women all face on a daily basis. Both main characters are extremely likeable and Charlie, the mentor, is even more lovable than Twilight's Edward. This is an absolute must read!"
--5-star review posted on 1/25/11

"I love this book and am astounded at the depth of the author's knowledge. I am a real romantic and first read it for the story, then will read it again for the other important info. I found the observations terrific."
--Gender expert & business development coach

"A Merger of Equals changed my life. [It] offered me perspective on topics I hadn't thought deeply about before - such as the universality of office politics (and how to deal with them in a way that's true to yourself, yet acknowledges "the rules"); how a successful, effective woman moves about in the business world; and how women can choose to support each other in our individual choices rather than competing and comparing. ... The best part? Snider imparts her impressive knowledge and wisdom via a story, plot and characters I never wanted to leave!"
--5-star review posted on 11/7/09

"If you're looking for one of those novels that you just want to get under the covers with - that you never want to end - this is it. So good - an incredible story, amazing character development and tons of insight into life in the corporate world. Loved every word."
5-star review posted on 4/15/09

"A stunning, can’t-talk-to-you-now-honey-I’m-reading, book... I’m going to tell you to read this novel because it’s fantastic…but also because it holds that magic balance of fiction and reality supremely. The ‘merger of equals’ for me goes beyond the characters in the book - it’s a brilliant merger of the truth and the story."
--Freelance copywriter & so much more 3/18/09

"I read [A Merger of Equals] a few years ago and re-read it a few days ago. It is terrific, uplifting, and realistic. I think it would be particularly great for book clubs -- there are so many topics for discussion!! I remember wanting to discuss it with others when I first read it; I have that same feeling again."
--5-star review posted on 11/8/08

"I loved A Merger of Equals - not because I am a woman in the workforce, but because I face a number of the issues this book brings to light (work, kids, marriage, balance). This book challenged my way of thinking about those issues and made me re-evaluate the balancing act. By the end of the book, I felt like calling Jane and Charlie and asking them to meet for coffee - they were that real to me! If you enjoy books that have true character development, this book is for you."
--Legal services company VP, in 5-star review posted on 9/22/08 

"A Merger of Equals is GREAT - fun and with a unique slant."
--Investment banker

"One of the most enlightening and true works of fiction about corporate life and love. You will learn what you need to know to become more successful in work and outside of work."
--Marketing Consultant

"So entertaining it was hard to put down, and insightful, too. A Merger of Equals should be required reading for every young person planning on a career."
--Retired schoolteacher

"A very fun read and a page turner."
--Information technology consultant

"It took me a while to get my copy [of A Merger of Equals], but once I did, it sure didn't take long to get through it because I couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed it and I thought you did a great job of tackling and exploring real issues that affect career-oriented women but generally, and sadly, go unnoticed by others - and you told a wonderful story while doing it."
--Lawyer currently on maternity leave

"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed, and really needed, your presentation. I am a "junior" partner, work on a reduced hour schedule and have 2 young kids. I live the juggling act of working mom, and as difficult as it may be at times to keep all the balls in the air, I wouldn't change my situation (at least not now). Societal pressures, self pressures, self doubt, the working mom v the stay at home battle -- they are always there. I know in my heart that what I am doing is best for me, my kids and my family -- those pressures, though, have a way of getting in to my head, especially when I'm overtired and haven't had time for a pedicure in months! It was just so nice to hear you remind us all not to let what other people tell you we "should" be doing influence how we evaluate our choices. I truly enjoyed hearing about your life, career choices and successes. By the way, I loved, loved, loved A Merger of Equals, and will pass it out to my fellow girlfriends! Thank you for inspiring me and validating my choices."
--Law firm partner

"I started reading A Merger of Equals yesterday. It is excellent! I learned more about gender issues in the first 20 pages of the book than I've read anywhere."
--CEO, Business Development Consulting

"I am so excited to tell you that I finished A Merger of Equals. I absolutely loved it! Couldn't put it down!! It inspired me, challenged me, and comforted me - if that makes sense. I was awakened both personally and professionally by reading it."
--Nonprofit staffer/yoga instructor

"I just finished reading A Merger of Equals, and I enjoyed it very much. Having spent 2 years as an investment banking analyst, I identify with Jane’s character in many ways. It continually amazes me how much of an “old boys’ club” Wall Street is, and there aren’t many books published that examine it from a woman’s position.... Also, I think that showing Jane’s human, emotional side was instrumental to making her character believable as well as likeable. I did not like her or identify with her nearly as much in the beginning as I did after she fell in love and ultimately decided to have children. I thought that by showing her in a typically “feminine” light – in love, pregnant, etc. – but still motivated and successful, really made the character, as well as the book. I also enjoyed reading about her friends, Charlie’s sister, etc., who were all smart and successful women, but with a variety of different personalities and styles. I enjoyed Charlie’s character as well – in life, as well as in fiction, everyone is drawn to the so-called golden boys, I guess! I have recommended your book to all my friends! I hope you write another!"
--Investment banker

"I purchased, and am reading, A Merger of Equals right now. I am really enjoying it! I particularly like the way you interweave business-savvy information and realities with a great story. (Ice cream totally cracks me up now! So does doing work on big proposals/projects in bed.)"
--Law firm partner

"I love the book (I also heard great reviews today from a few others at the firm who are also reading it). I cannot believe how densely it is packed with business advice. I am reading it slowly because when I pick up my speed, I miss the practical advice in favor of just taking in the story. It is like the most practical, valuable business book you could read wrapped in a very cool story."
--Law firm partner

"I loved the character development and I really feel like I got to know the characters, especially Jane. She actually sounds like many of my girlfriends, and I can SO identify! Your insight is amazing! I loved seeing the personal and professional development and how you showed you can really have both.
--Investment banker

"I enjoyed A Merger of Equals immensely. It was smart and funny. I identified with Jane, one of two main characters, - something I can't say about the characters in most novels I read (which is about 4 a week). Most 20 somethings in books smoke and work in PR and work is never discussed. They don't have long discourses on sexism in the workplace and ways to handle different situations. Neither do they work in finance/business fields and make a concerted effort to move along a career path. I wished that Jane were real, as we would be friends. I am now on the look out for a friend like her. I was sad to finish it, in fact, though I greatly appreciated the Epilogue. A sequel would be even better..."
--Financial advisor

"I finished your book..... brava! I was impressed by the forward momentum all the way through to that fabulous last line. There wasn't a lag anywhere in the course of my reading. The final chapters surprised me at first -- I didn't expect the shift to babies and home -- but then I realized it was part of the fabric of the message I took from it, i.e. you don't have to choose home vs. career, you don't have to be superwoman, you do have to be true to yourself, and let trust and optimism win out over distrust and victimness. I was bothered a little by Jane's good fortune in having two well-positioned, rich, and handsome men in her corner (wouldn't everyone's life be easier if this were true?), and she obviously had a leg up in going to a privileged school, but she didn't cave in and compromise her values and I admired that in her. Also, are there really men like Charlie? I have to say, I've never met such a creature, so I knew I was reading fiction throughout, even if the storyline was so steeped in reality! In short, I think you've done a superb job of recreating the scenario so many women face in the professional workplace (and Lord knows what they put up with in the blue collar world), and of creating several smart, quick-witted female characters who know how to harness their power and use it."
--Knowledge management professional

"I read your book and I really enjoyed it. I definitely learned more from it than from a business book ;-) "
--In-house real estate lawyer

"I LOVED A Merger of Equals!!!! I found myself thinking of Jane and Charlie throughout the day, like they were real people who were friends of mine. I especially enjoyed the insights into the corporate world since I have never (thankfully, I think) had to struggle through many of those issues. It seems to be a very different (and exciting) change from the non-profit world and VERY different from my life as stay-at-home mom and part-time research assistant! I think it might take Jane awhile to get used to my choices! Nonetheless, I like that the characters had a little bit of all of us in them---sometimes I related to Charlie and other times to Jane--that was fun and forced to me to think a little bit harder than in my normal routine. PLEASE keep writing so I can have more enjoyable reading hours!"
--Former nonprofit organization development director

"I’m reading A Merger of Equals and enjoying it immensely. I recently reread The Productive Culture Blueprint and was once again wowed by your genius."