Other Useful Resources

This page includes a variety of resources that I think might be of interest to site visitors and readers of my books. Please send me a message if there are other resources you'd like to see.

Recipes & Other Food Resources
I love to cook and bake, so I decided to create a page where I will post recipes and links to food resources I particularly like.  Here it is.

Copywriting Services
Lea Curtes-Swenson is a copywriter I admire.  Click here to find out why and for information on how to get in touch with her.

Revolutionary Law Firm
Valorem Law Group is a business litigation law firm made up of BigLaw refugees (including two former partners of mine) who are revolutionizing the business side of legal representation by eliminating the use of the billable hour and instead focusing on value and results, not counting the minutes. Valorem puts its money where its mouth is by adding a “Value Adjustment Line” on every bill, which allows clients to adjust the amount of the fee to match the value they received. Click here for Valorem's website and here for the reasons I think the firm is on to something extremely significant.

Help on the Homefront
First Class Care, Inc. is Chicagoland's premier nanny agency. They specialize in finding nannies, baby nurses, housekeepers, babysitters, house managers, and personal chefs. Their motto: "Your family deserves the VERY BEST and we can help you find your perfect match." First Class Care was founded and is run by a husband and wife team who know from personal experience that, for working parents, finding the right childcare option is imperative to both a happy household and a successful career.

The Senior Businesswomen's Forum is an independent and cross-disciplinary affiliation of Chicago-area business leaders who convene to focus and educate on the role of women leaders in business, community affairs, and career development.

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