October 2007 Appearances

Winstead Women's Alliance Workshop

Date: October 20, 2007

Location: Dallas, Texas

Audience: Winstead women lawyers

Topic: Visualizing Success: Priorities, Leadership & Business Development

Win the Career Game

Date: October 1, 2007

Location: Online seminar

Audience: Kaplan University Arts & Sciences students

Topic: Proven strategies & practical tips for making your career a success

The Kaplan University students were a wonderful audience - engaged, inquisitive and receptive. I'd like to thank them for that and also for their enthusiastic feedback. Here are some of the comments they provided on the event organizer's post-event survey:

I learned a lot about prioritizing and time management. I learned how to have a more successful and fulfilling career. The information was simple and completely motivated me to make a change right then!

I was plastered to the screen and phone, totally oblivious to everything but what was going on in the seminar. What questions to ask yourself about if your career fits you and if you fit the workplace. How to make yourself invaluable to your employer. Being organized and developing stronger time management skills. Eveything about Debra Snider's presentation was interesting and fun.

The fact that everything was down to earth was very helpful. I also liked the fact that she took time to answer individual's questions.

This presentation was very helpful. The powerpoint presentation was really good and easy to follow.

Debra is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed her perspective.

A lot of what Ms. Snider spoke of reinforced what I learned in Academic Stratagies but also gave me a "living" example of those stratagies in action. It was VERY informative..I loved it.

I think she is a great asset to new, older students, like myself. I think "Win the Career Game" should be part of the new student orientation criteria.

I would definitely attend another seminar by Debra Snider. She was great!