March 2008 Appearance

Win the Career Game

Date: March 3, 2008

Location: Online webinar

Audience: Kaplan University Arts & Sciences Students

Topic: Proven strategies and practical tips for making your career a success

Click here for the online Q&A I mentioned during the program. If I haven't already answered your question, please send it in!

Click here for the High Impact Performance Characteristics.

Click here for The 5 Ds.

Once again, my thanks to the Kaplan students for their attention, enthusiasm and receptivity. Here are a few of the 100% positive post-event survey comments received by the event organizer on the content of this program:

"The speech was beneficial, informative, helpful and inspirational."

"Very good key points and ideas that I can use at work and as a student."

"It covered a lot of things that are important in the real world."

"She gave us several different options towards success and how to make use of these in our day to day lives, personally and professionally. Every little detail given was very helpful, motivational, and inspirational."

"It was full of very helpful information about how to break into the career world and how to handle some awkward situations that may arise while working your way to the top. Although some of the information provided was pretty basic, there are many that are unaware of how to succeed in the workplace. I found the seminar to be very enlightening."

"It helped me get focused again on my work and studies. She is a great motivational speaker, with practical ideas and suggestions to incorporate immediately."

"Powerpoints really defined what she was talking about. The whole presentation was very well organized."

"Debra is an amazing speaker and has some of the best ideas I have heard recently."

"Debra's enthusiasm for what she believes in made me realize that a career isn't a job, it's a passion."

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