1st Quarter 2009 Appearances

When Charlene Kingston, who runs
Crow Information Design, asked me to write a guest post for her elegant and always useful blog, From the Crow's Nest, I was delighted by both the request and the opportunity.

The tag line for Charlene's blog is: "Finding the shortest distance between your message and your audience." Her company provides services that help companies and freelance professionals present themselves in writing for online and print media. My post "Finding Career Happiness" was published on her site on March 16, 2009.


Do you know about workchic? It's a very cool and useful website for career women that offers suggested outfits, fit guidelines, tips and tricks for how to look professional, feminine and chic. The site is a great aggregation of clothes, shoes, and accessories that lets you see everything in one place, then click through to other sites to buy things, often at very favorable prices. It's fun - check it out!

Workchic also has a blog loaded with useful information. After we connected (in a conversation about high heels!) on Twitter, the women behind workchic were kind enough to ask me for some input on a blog post about more conservative office environments like those in the finance and legal worlds.

Here's the resulting March 11, 2009 post. Thank you, Jennifer & Melissa!



The 5 Ds were featured in the March 2009 issue of "News from Ace Concierge," an e-newsletter. Ace Concierge offers on-site personal as well as virtual administrative services, with the goal of simplifying clients' lives and assisting with time management and work/life balance. Click here for more information about Ace Concierge.



A Merger of Equals was one of the prizes in the February 2009 "How to Win an A in Tax Law" contest at taxgirl.com, a fun blog about taxes.  Think it's impossible for a blog about taxes to be fun? Well, it's not! As Taxgirl says, "Because paying taxes is painful...but reading about them shouldn't be."


I met Alisa Bowman on Twitter and left a comment on her Project Happily Ever After blog, and she offered me the chance to participate in her January 2009 Best of Mommy Bloggers Carnival.

I've never thought of myself as a mommy blogger (not too crazy about the term either), but I do blog and I am a mom, so I submitted a post.  Here's the carnival.

Thanks, Alisa!