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Join Maggie Winslow, the heroine of my novel LOST WYOMING (released September 2016), as she discovers how family shapes who we are, who we aren't, and who we have the potential to become. A poignant, ultimately uplifting story of love, loss, and family ties.

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"A tale about the puzzles we must solve for ourselves--and the joys that await once we learn to get out of our own way."

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    In my first novel A MERGER OF EQUALS, two smart, funny, ambitious 20-somethings figure out how to climb the corporate ladder and still have a life. As they deal with overloaded schedules, power games, sexism, and all the other illogical glories of the business world, Jane and Charlie discover that quite a few so-called truths - about work, life and love - are not even close to true. "An amazing book," according to readers.
    It's not success if it doesn't make you happy. To find the kind of success that does make you happy, you have to suit yourself. Click on the title above for my Suit Yourself essays, an online Q&A, and lots of other free career resources.
    "My Chicago Law Moment" is a series on the University of Chicago Law School's website highlighting the Law School ideas, experiences and approaches that have affected students and alumni. Click above to get to the August 2015 installment which features me.