Other Written Works

An evocative and unforgettable short story about mourning a loss that may never have occurred…

This is the first short story Debra wrote after she retired from her business career. To her delight, it won Honorable Mention in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story Category in the 74th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (2005). “The Day Lust Left the Room” is available as an ebook exclusively on AmazonFree for Kindle Unlimited members.

A coherent strategy for managing your career and life

From May 2013 through August 2014, Debra wrote a column on time management and work-life balance for The Legal Balance, a members-only online community for women lawyers in Chicago. The goal was to cover these much-written-about topics from a refreshing angle. Debra included tools and tactics from time to time, but her primary purpose was to provide a coherent strategy for managing one’s career and life for optimal success and personal satisfaction.

Ten of these columns are available as an ebook exclusively on AmazonFree for Kindle Unlimited members.

The world in your hands

The Suit Yourself essay collection is a practical handbook for how to suit yourself and succeed. Order one, some or all of these essays and get started today on a more rewarding and personally satisfying career.

Debra’s blog Woman at Work includes musings on a variety of topics, including:

Heart of a Woman in Business is an inspirational collection of stories, strategies and ideas to help working women everywhere.  Written by teachers, coaches, experts, businesswomen, speakers, CEOs and others, it’s a “here’s how” book that combines insight with guidance, ideas, stories, and encouragement.

Two of Debra’s works were selected for inclusion:

  • an excerpt from A Merger of Equals called “The Nature of Leadership and Personal Ambition” and
  • an essay adapted from one of her popular speeches called “Suit Yourself and Become a Star.”

Heart of a Woman in Business is a 288-page 6″x7″ gift book that retails for $16.95. Copies are available through Sparkle Presentations, Inc.

Debra was offered the opportunity to write a guest post for the M-BRANE SF blog, which belongs to Christopher Fletcher, the publisher of M-Brane SF, The Monthly Magazine of Astonishing Stories. Her post “For Writers: A Story & Three Tactics” is about her evolution as a fiction writer, her writing process, and three techniques she uses to polish her work.