Work doesn’t have to be drudgery. It doesn’t have to be a necessary evil that you tolerate to make the rest of your life possible.

Being happy, productive and energized at work is not a pipe dream – it’s a choice you can make if you figure out what you’re good at and love to do and then focus on what matters most.

The Resources in this section can help you do just that. My tools, strategies and ideas for getting organized, prioritizing, learning to be a strategic thinker, becoming a leader, and suiting yourself led me to and through a long, rewarding and personally satisfying business career. They also inspired lots of people around me over the years and were, in turn, inspired and further shaped by those people.

I hope they will shift your perspective, help you see more clearly, and inspire you to make a positive difference for yourself and the people around you. (And if they do, I hope you’ll click on Word of Mouth Marketing and help me promote this site and my books!)


Productivity is a matter of managing your time and your efforts so as to focus on what matters most – to you and to the organization you work for. Productivity starts with articulating goals and prioritizing in accordance with them, and it is sustained via high-impact performance and A+ organizational skills.

Click on the buttons below (starting with Working Easier Tips and continuing through Supervisory Time Savers) to spur your thinking and help you develop a system that works for you. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how much time you free up, how much less anxiety you experience, and how effective you become.


Leadership has very little to do with hierarchy, job position, personality, age or experience. Everyone has frequent opportunities to make things better and more fun, to commit to the success of others, to fix processes and inspire others to want to come to work, and to contribute to strong culture, strong teamwork and strong organizations.

Some people lead by ideas, some by energizing groups, some by being in front of the pack, some by coaching from behind the scenes. Choosing to be powerless and standing idly – or miserably – by in a less than ideal work situation are never good choices. Thinking of yourself as a leader and working to make things better are infinitely more thrilling and personally satisfying.

Leadership is rare. Offer it and you’ll get noticed and mentored and promoted. People respond warmly and enthusiastically to leadership behaviors; companies need and recognize them.

How? Click on the Leadership Competencies, Leadership Behaviors, and Mentoring & Sponsorship buttons below for some ideas.

Suit Yourself

My Suit Yourself essays offer strategic and tactical advice on how to adjust your perspective, see and think more clearly, get inspired and, in turn, inspire others. Taken together, the essays comprise a practical handbook for how to suit yourself and become a success in the only way that matters: the way that satisfies you. Click on the Suit Yourself Essays button below to learn more.

Q & A / Online How-To Manual

Click on the Q & A button below for career-related questions I’ve answered or to ask me a new one.