Working Easier

Working Easier book coverGood organizational design makes it possible for people to work smarter and easier – instead of harder. It creates an environment that lets both the organization and its staff perform, develop and shine. Working Easier is an easy-to-follow toolkit for staff and board members of nonprofit organizations. Complete with tips, examples, checklists, charts, a case study and sample job descriptions, it offers proven for-profit business know-how in a straightforward, easy-to-read and easy-to-use format. It will give nonprofit and small business executives what they need to increase productivity, eliminate waste and build strong, scalable, efficient and adaptable organizations with aligned, satisfied employees.

Fact Sheet

Title :Working Easier: A Toolkit for Staff and Board Members of Nonprofit Arts Organizations
Category: Nonfiction
Author: Debra Snider
Pub Year: 2005
ISBN: 0-9741107-2-8
Format: Soft cover
Price: $22.00
Pages: 38
Publisher: Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation

Positioning Statement:

Working Easier was written to:

  1. Provide arts management professionals with strategies and tactics to increase productivity, eliminate waste, and build a strong, scalable and adaptable foundation for future operations
  2. Offer arts management professionals relevant for-profit business know-how and tools relating to organizational design and job satisfaction
  3. Strengthen arts organizations and increase the career appeal of arts management by focusing each staff member on the functions that are the most value-added and that she/he most enjoys

Intended Market:

Arts management professionals, executive directors and senior staff members of other types of nonprofit organizations, and owners and senior officers of small businesses

Selling Points:

  1. Straightforward, easy-to-follow theory, strategies and tactics for working smarter and easier instead of harder
  2. Breaks down complex organizational design principles into simple, useful chunks, with examples to make them even easier to understand and follow
  3. Contains chapters on how to Focus on What Matters Most, Describe the Right Jobs and Put the Right People in Them, and Build Leadership
  4. Includes case study, sample job descriptions and other valuable tools
  5. Includes Working Easier Tips that will help everyone get organized and increase personal productivity
  6. Author is a sought after public speaker who leaves audiences enthusiastic, energized and inspired. Snider has the credibility, the contacts and the following that result from a highly successful 20-year career as a lawyer and senior business executive in a major US city. She is offering more than nice-sounding theory; she has already produced exceptional results using the strategies and tactics she advises readers to try

Where to Purchase:

This book is out of print. Please let me know if you’d like to order it.