Everyone loses Wyoming - it's what you do with the rest of the pieces that matters...

Maggie Winslow is in the throes of a quarter-life crisis. Disillusioned and sick of second-guessing, well, everything, Maggie is bobbing along at the edge of her life, wondering how it all got so lackluster. When a family crisis jolts her out of her malaise, Maggie is forced to take charge, to rethink the meaning and the import of the losses that inevitably accompany growing up, and to take stock of the choices and convictions that have stopped her from being the person, and living the life, she always envisioned.

Poignant, heartbreaking, and unflinchingly honest, Lost Wyoming is an ultimately uplifting tale about the puzzles we must solve for ourselves - and the joys that await once we learn to get out of our own way...MORE


A Merger of Equals is a love story set in the business world, told by Jane –brilliant, cynical and determined to succeed– and Charlie, the quintessential golden boy on the fast track to the top. Jane and Charlie meet at the Firm, a big-time investment bank, when he is assigned as her mentor. Over the next 10 years, first as colleagues, then as friends, then as partners, they navigate their way up the corporate ladder, discovering along the way that quite a bit of what they thought was true about success is not really true at all. With humor, spice and insider insight, A Merger of Equals reveals how differently forces like ambition, intelligence, work, sex, love and marriage shape men's and women's identities, expectations and experiences - and it demonstrates what success, professional and personal, really means... MORE

A Toolkit for Staff and Board Members of Nonprofit Arts Organizations

Good organizational design makes it possible for people to work smarter and easier – instead of harder. It creates an environment that lets both the organization and its staff perform, develop and shine. Working Easier is an easy-to-follow handbook designed to provide arts management professionals with strategies and tactics to increase productivity, eliminate waste, and build a strong, scalable and adaptable foundation for future operations. Informally written and full of tips, examples, checklists, forms, and sample job descriptions, Working Easier is sure to strengthen both your organization and your employees’ job satisfaction, whether you’re managing an arts nonprofit or any other department, group or small business...MORE

For Corporate Law Departments and Their Outside Counsel

As companies continue to seek ways to improve operating efficiency, they also face more legal and compliance issues than ever before. At the same time, the legal profession is being buffeted by a wide variety of trends with the power to force change in the way legal services are purchased and delivered. The Productive Culture Blueprint offers a blueprint based on sound business principles for building sustainable strategic productivity into the law department and enduring, effective relationships with outside law firms. A highly readable and useful resource containing a real-life case study, explanatory examples and practical tools, The Productive Culture Blueprint was written for lawyers, but will benefit anyone looking to improve business efficiency, job satisfaction and vendor management...MORE

The Day Lust Left the Room



An evocative and unforgettable short story about mourning a loss that may never have occurred...

This is the first short story I wrote after I retired from my business career. To my delight, it won Honorable Mention in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story Category in the 74th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition (2005).

"The Day Lust Left the Room" is available as an ebook exclusively on Amazon. Free for Kindle Unlimited members.

Building Your Career, Managing Your Time, and Balancing Your Life: 10 Little Essays



A coherent strategy for managing your career and life

From May 2013 through August 2014, I wrote a column on time management and work-life balance for The Legal Balance, a members-only online community for women lawyers in Chicago. My goal was to cover these much-written-about topics from a refreshing angle. I included tools and tactics from time to time, but my primary purpose was to provide a coherent strategy for managing one's career and life for optimal success and personal satisfaction.

Ten of these columns are available as an ebook exclusively on Amazon. Free for Kindle Unlimited members.