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A Merger of Equals
A Merger of Equals
is a fast-paced, incisive story set against the backdrop of the business world. It’s told in the first person by its two main characters: Jane is ambitious, brilliant and sure she’s going to meet resistance at every turn; Charlie is successful, hardwired with the rules of the game and determined to make a difference. They meet in a mentoring program at a big-time investment bank. Over the next 10 years, first as colleagues, then as friends, then as partners, Jane and Charlie defy the constrictions of the status quo to create a new model of professional and personal success.  CLICK HERE TO READ AN EXCERPT...


Title A Merger of Equals
Category Fiction
Author Debra Snider
Pub Month Nov 2006
ISBN 0-9764336-4-8
Format Soft cover
Price $15.95
Pages 480
Publisher MJS Publishing Group, LLC

Positioning Statement:
A Merger of Equals is the thinking woman’s dream – a fun novel that is also chock-full of great truths about the bedroom and the boardroom, a good story that ultimately offers important and inspiring lessons about the true nature of professional and personal success.

Intended Market:
Women, particularly professional and businesswomen, and men looking for insight into the business world and into how businesswomen think. People who work in the world of big business will appreciate its insightful, insider feel; everyone will appreciate its understanding of human relationships, both professional and personal, and its inspiring outlook.

Selling Points:

  1. Captivating story of two characters who meet the challenges that harried 21st century working people care about – overloaded schedules, corporate inanity, fear of diversity, power games, work-life balance and the never-ending conflict between the zeal to achieve and the desire for a little peace and quiet
  2. Broad appeal thanks to female and male main characters as well as realistic (and recognizably dysfunctional) workplace settings
  3. Strong appeal to women tempted to opt out of the business world and to people in companies anxious to retain women. A Merger of Equals is current and cutting edge as it tells the story of a woman who faces all the usual reasons for opting out, but chooses instead to stay, to succeed and to become a leader, finding personal satisfaction and love along the way
  4. Unlike other novels about women and success, A Merger of Equals also features a strong, likable male protagonist. He’s a card-carrying member of the powers that be who’s actually a good guy
  5. The two main characters and their friends and lovers are real, complex, touching, familiar. Character definition is at the psychology/personality level, not the external description level, so readers are left with plenty of room to put themselves and their experiences into the characters and the story and, thus, to identify
  6. Uses business, as well as personal, settings and situations to develop characters and drive plot – an unusual, but much-needed, approach to story-telling in light of how much time people spend at work and how obsessed they are with meshing work and life
  7. Beautifully illustrates the nature of friendship and collegiality –as well as the nature of rivalry– among women, among men, and between men and women
Author is a sought-after public speaker who leaves audiences enthusiastic, energized and inspired. Snider has the credibility, the contacts and the following that result from a highly successful 20-year career as a lawyer and business executive in a major US city. She also has a distinctive spoken and written voice, one that is compelling, credible, witty and forthright.

Story Summary:
A Merger of Equals
is the story of Jane and Charlie and their climb up the corporate ladder. The novel depicts the business world in all its complacent, illogical, sexist glory and, at the same time, tells the entrancing story of two people who discover that quite a few so-called truths about work, life and love are not true at all – and that no one is required to yield to the narrow-minded dictates of the status quo.

Jane is tiny, fierce, ambitious and brilliant. She’s also skeptical and sarcastic. Sure that she’s going to be considered an incompetent interloper in the cozy little men’s club that is the traditional business world, she is determined to get to the top anyway, to become a leader and to change that world.

Charlie is the quintessential golden boy, with all the attributes that make it natural for men to succeed. He’s smart, he knows how to play the game, he’s charming and he’s gorgeous. He, too, is determined to succeed. Surprisingly, he’s also determined to change some of the rules of the game.

Jane and Charlie meet when he is assigned as her mentor at the big-time investment bank where they both work. Over the next ten years, they become colleagues, then friends, partners and parents. They balance her inherent skepticism and his blithe optimism to propel themselves up the corporate ladder, all the while surrounded by friends and lovers, some of whom ease the climb and some of whom decidedly do not.

The characters in A Merger of Equals are finely, articulately drawn. The dual first-person narrative allows the reader to understand the dynamic world in which the characters live through the eyes and ears and from the perspectives of the people living in it. The reader is privy to the characters’ thoughts and reactions, as well as to witty, incredibly savvy and perfectly written dialogue.

The reader also meets rich and colorful secondary characters, just as if he or she were part of Jane’s and Charlie’s world. Jane’s women friends are outspoken, funny, expressive and smart – and each of them finds her own way to succeed. Their “girls’ club” sessions are among the highlights of the book: lusty, razor-sharp and right on the money. Charlie’s male friends run the gamut from those sensitive enough to question their own approaches to success to those who wonder why things need to change at all. Jane and Charlie also have romantic relationships with other people before they find one another – and the way they ultimately do come together is innovative and unusual.

As it unfolds, the story reveals how very differently men and women experience ambition, work, sex, love and life. By its touching final pages, A Merger of Equals has freed both men and women from narrow definitional boxes and made it plain that half a life is no life at all.

Author’s Biography:
Debra Snider is an author and speaker. She retired in 2001 from a distinguished 20-year career as a lawyer and business executive, a career that brought her both personal satisfaction and financial success. Her novel, like her nonfiction works, draws on her business experience and also fulfills the goal she developed as a college English major to be a writer. Sought after as a speaker for her strategic savvy, her insider knowledge, her wit and her informal, forthright style, she has incorporated these attributes and the inspiring “suit yourself” philosophy she lives by into her written work. She energizes audiences and inspires them to make differences in their own careers and lives.

A Merger of Equals is Snider’s first novel. She is also the author of the novel Lost Wyoming, published in September 2016. Her nonfiction works include Working Easier (Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation, 2005) and The Productive Culture Blueprint (American Bar Association Career Resource Center, 2003). Her short story, “The Day Lust Left the Room,” was awarded Honorable Mention in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story Category of the 74th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (2005). After spending her first 50 years in the Midwest, Snider moved with her husband to Nevada, where she spends her time writing, swimming, playing blackjack, and gazing like a still-amazed Midwesterner at the mountains. A graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago Law School, she has two grown children.

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