Guidelines for Posting Reviews

One modern version of browsing through bookstores is to search on Amazon, iBooks, and so on for titles with lots of reviews. While thoughtful 4- and 5-star reviews presumably impress readers more than single-sentence or bad reviews, the key metric appears to be the number of reviews. The more reviews a title has, the better.

If you would like to post a review of Lost Wyoming, here's how to go about it:


1. Write a 4-6 sentence review.
--Readers find it useful when reviewers: (a) include nothing or at most a sentence or two summarizing the plot (and without any spoilers); (b) devote the bulk of the review to what you thought of the writing, the themes and messages, the characters, the storyline, etc.; and (c) are specific about what you loved or hated, what drew you to -or left you cold about- the characters and the story, what you loved -or didn't- about the writing, and what moved or challenged or inspired or disappointed you.

2. Post the review on Amazon. Feel free to use a screen name or the generic "Amazon Customer" if you would prefer not to post under your actual name.

3. If you have a few more minutes and don't mind another step, tweak the review a bit (so Google won't pick it up as repetitious content and possibly label it as spam), and then post it on iBooks if you have an iTunes account and, if not, then on Barnes & Noble and/or Google Books. If you're into Goodreads, you may review there, too.


1. Assign stars and write one sentence: for instance, 5 stars along with "I loved it" or one star along with "Not for me."

2. Follow steps 2 and 3 from Option 1.

If it's A Merger of Equals you'd like to review, here are those links:

--Barnes & Noble  
--Google Books 


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