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Girlfriends and other Success Strategies by Debra Snider appears on page 5 of the June 2009 issue of The Suffolk Lawyer, as part of the Special Edition on Women and the Law. Click here, then on The Suffolk Lawyer, then on June 2009 to read the entire publication. (If that's too much trouble, click here for a PDF of the article.)

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The 5 Ds were featured in the April 2007 issue of The Maraia Minutes, a newsletter published by Maraia & Associates, Inc., a U.S. based relationship development coaching and training firm. Mark Maraia and his colleagues help lawyers become truly effective - and personally satisfied - rainmakers. Mark's book Rainmaking Made Simple: What Every Professional Must Know is a comprehensive, practical guide to business development.

In his introduction to the April newsletter, Mark noted that A Merger of Equals "thoughtfully explores gender issues in the workplace" and "should be required reading for every law firm leader who wants a balanced look at gender issues."

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Enough is Just Enough by Debra Snider, from Corporate Counsel magazine

1999 Diversity & the Bar article featuring Debra Snider



For Writers: A Story & Three Tactics appeared on M-BRANE SF, June 2009

An email debate became a series of blog posts on Lawyer Satisfaction Blog. Click here and scroll down to the last item for more information and links to the posts.

Finding Career Happiness appeared on From the Crow's Nest, March 2009