Leadership Materials

Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds.
--George Eliot

Leadership has very little to do with hierarchy, job position, personality, age or experience. Everyone has frequent, perhaps constant opportunities to make things better and more fun, to commit to the success of others, to fix processes and inspire others to want to come to work, and to contribute to strong culture, strong teamwork and strong organizations.

Some people lead by ideas, some by energizing groups, some by being in front of the pack, some by coaching from behind the scenes. Choosing to be powerless and standing idly (or miserably) by in a less than ideal work situation are never good choices. Thinking of yourself as a leader and working to make things better are infinitely more thrilling and personally satisfying.

Leadership is rare – offer it and you’ll get noticed and mentored and promoted. People respond warmly and enthusiastically to leadership behaviors; companies need and recognize it.

Here are some Leadership Resources I think you'll find helpful:

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